We are committed to indie games, mixed reality, music, installation art, experimental theatre, film, photography, anthropological field study and dark cuisine.

Eventide Birds is a studio in its early stage based in London.
We currently have 7 members and collaborators working on our first two projects.

Our Team and the people we would like to work with



Game design, art direction and concepts.

Often sits and watches herself being killed in nightmare.



Game design, narrative design and programming.

A crazy lover of spoiled cream.


Social Media Manager and more

Accounting, numerical balance design and technical arts, market and community management.

Counting money sets me apart from the other birds.

Grey Egret

Product Manager

Project management and business advice.

Very tall, and addicted to Warhammer 40k.


Game Developer

Game developing and programming.

Is often called "grilled chicken" by the other birds.

Blue Jay

2D Artist

Illustration, character design and key arts.

Listened to a song continuously 402 times.

House Sparrow

Motion Effect Designer

Motion effects and animation.

Relax, nothing is in control.

Former Birds

Mikasa, Macaw, Magpie, Sea Eagle


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